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Sommer 1 HP Synoris 800 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener
Sommer 1 HP Synoris 800 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

Sommer 1 HP Synoris 800 Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

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Sommer Synoris 800 Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener. THIS IS THE WORLDS BEST GARAGE DOOR OPENER! Works With Doors Up to 8 Feet Tall - Direct Drive - NO GEARS to wear out Virtually Silent 1 HP 140V DC Motor Lifetime...

Part Number: Synoris 800
Synoris 800

The Sommer Synoris 800 direct drive garage door opener from Garage Door Supply Company is especially popular for owners of residential garages with heavier doors. The 800 Newton motor is equivalent to 1 horsepower. Synoris 800 direct drive garage openers are designed to last, which is why each comes with a lifetime warranty on the entire opener.

Because they're direct drive openers, there are no gears to wear out over time. They're quiet, too, which makes them especially popular among those whose home is above or beside the garage. These German-engineered 310 MHz garage door operator are HomeLink compatible, and they use secure rolling code technology. Just 1.5 inches of clearance is needed for this low-profile opener. The DC motor can easily handle up to 70 door operations per hour.

The UL 325-certified opener has galvanized steel rails that are reinforced at the center by a sturdy connecting sleeve. Photosensors stop the door from closing if the beam is interrupted by an object or person. This opener has a self-locking motor to keep your door secured during power outages. This opener is compatible with garage doors up to 8 feet high. Your Sommer Synoris 800 comes with a Sommer remote control transmitter, wall console, and safety-beam sensor system.


Product Highlights:

  • 800
  • 1HP self-locking motor
  • 310 MHz
  • Rolling code technology
  • Requires only 1.5 inches of clearance
  • For 7' or 8' high garage door
  • UL 325-certified
  • Remote, wall console, safety-beam sensor system included
  • Lifetime warranty on entire operator