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SS-523 3-3/4
SS-523 3-3/4' Single T Bottom Seal (priced per foot)

SS-523 3-3/4" Single T Bottom Seal (priced per foot)

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Retail Price:$1.31
You Save:$0.18(14%)
SS-523 3-3/4" Single T Bottom Seal Astrigal (priced per foot) THIS ITEM IS PRICES BY THE FOOT. IF YOU HAVE A 16' WIDE DOOR, You need to order Qty. 16 Bottom Seal will SHRINK. WE RECOMMEND YOU ORDER AN EXTRA FOOT OF LENGTH. Also Available: Universal Astrigal Retainer
Part Number: V2564-BL-W

This SS-523 3-3/4-in. Single-T bottom seal astragal from Garage Door Supply Company is a weather seal applied to the bottom of your garage door to seal out dust, dirt, rain, pests and drafts. The T-seal design will create a seal on uneven garage floors.

It's priced by the foot, so you only order the length you need. To account for any shrinkage, add one extra foot to your order. Weather seals protect the contents of your garage and, by sealing out hot and cold drafts, will help you save on energy bills, especially for garages directly adjacent to your home.

Product Highlights:

  • SS-523
  • 3 3/4-in. Single-T astragal construction
  • Sold by the foot (add 1 extra foot to accommodate shrinkage)
  • Seals out dust, pests, dirt, rain, drafts
  • Design helps create seal on uneven garage floors