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Pro 21 Spray Grease
Pro 21 Spray Grease

Pro 21 Spray Grease

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Pro 21 Spray Grease. Contains no solvents. Use on all moving parts. Rollers, Hinges, Springs and more. Permanently eliminates squeaks and rattles. Prevents Rust.

Part Number: PN1088P

Protect your garage door parts with Pro 21 Spray Grease lubricant from Garage Door Supply Company. Pro 21 is a 100 percent synthetic spray-on lubricant for moving parts on your garage door. It contains no solvents. Pro 21 spray-on grease with advanced additives lasts longer than runny non-aerosol lubes. Pro 21 prevents rust and eliminates squeaking. This versatile garage door lubricant can be used anywhere you want to protect moving parts or prevent rust. Use it on hinges, lawnmowers, toolbox drawers, appliance doors, door chains, garden tools and more.

Product Highlights:

  • Pro 21
  • Fully synthetic, no solvents
  • Last longer than non-aerosol lubricants
  • Prevents rust
  • Eliminates squeaking
  • Use on all moving garage door parts
  • Use on garden and lawn equipment, door chains, toolbox drawers, door hinges