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MDT-1 Linear MegaCode 318MHz 1 Button Remote

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Retail Price:$32.31
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MDT-1 Linear MegaCode 318MHz 1 Button RemoteCompatible with all Linear MegaCode 318MHz Garage Door Opener, Gate Operators or Recievers.-No Switches to set- Program with the touch of a button
Part Number: MDT-1
Linear MDT-1
The Linear MegaCode MDT-1 garage door opener remote control transmitter from Garage Door Supply Company is a one-button remote compatible with all 318MHz Linear MegaCode garage door openers, gate operators and receivers. The MDT-1 Linear MegaCode remote is a 318MHz replacement remote for Linear MegaCode remotes. Find low prices on all MegaCode garage door and gate operator parts and accessories.

Product Highlights:

  • MDT-1
  • One-button
  • 318MHz
  • Compatible with Linear MegaCode 318MHz garage door openers, gate operators, receivers