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MDR Linear Receiver (one Channel)

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MDR Linear MegaCode Receiver (one Channel) 318 MHz

Part Number: MDR
Linear MDR

The Linear DNR0007 MDR MegaCode garage or gate opener receiver from Garage Door Supply Company is a one-channel 318MHz receiver that is compatible with all MegaCode 310MHz receivers and remotes. This Linear MDR receiver can store up to 10 MegaCode transmitter codes. It's compatible with Linear MegaCode models MDT-1, MDT-2, MDT-3 and MDT-4. It's compatible with MegaCode ACT21, ACT-22, ACT31B, MMT-1, MMT-2 and MMT-3 systems. A mounting bracket and wire lead antenna are included.

Product Highlights:

  • MDR DNR0007
  • 318MHz
  • 1-Channel
  • Can store 10 codes
  • Mounting Bracket, antenna included
  • Compatible with all Linear MegaCode 318MHz receivers, remotes
  • Compatible models include Linear MegaCodeMDT-1, MDT-2, MDT-3, MDT-4
  • Compatible with MegaCode ACT21, ACT-22, ACT31B, MMT-1, MMT-2, MMT-3