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MCT-2 Linear MegaCode 318MHz 2 Button Remote (MDT-2A)

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MCT-2 Linear MegaCode 318MHz 2 Button RemoteCompatible with all Linear MegaCode 318MHz Garage Door Opener, Gate Operators or Recievers.-No Switches to set- Program with the touch of a button
Part Number: MCT-2
Linear MCT-2

The Linear MCT-2 DN00084 MegaCode garage door or gate opener remote control transmitter from Garage Door Supply Company is compatible with all Linear MegaCode 318MHz garage or gate operators and receivers. This 318MHz Linear MCT-2 MegaCode remote doesn't rely on dip switches. The two-button remote is permanently pre-programmed with one of more than 1 million possible code combinations. Push a button, which will send a signal to the receiver to program it.

Operate up to two garage doors and/or gates by programming each receiver. The remote comes with a visor clip and 9-volt battery. An indicator LED on the transmitter will glow red when it's operated, and glow dimly (or stop glowing) when it's time to replace the battery.

Product Highlights:

  • MCT-2 DN00084
  • 318MHz
  • Compatible with all Linear MegaCode 318MHz openers, receivers
  • 2-button remote controls up to 2 gate or garage door operators
  • Arrives permanently pre-programmed with 1 of 1 million+ codes
  • Program to receiver with push of a button
  • Comes with visor clip, 9V battery
  • LED operating/battery strength indicator
  • Dimensions: 2.16 in. x 3.75 in.