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MC 4200-01 Multi-Code Wireless Keypad 300MHz


MC 42001 Multi-Code Wireless Keypad 300MHz. Works with all Multi-Code Recievers and Remotes

Part Number: 4200-01
The Multi-Code MC 4200-01 wireless garage door entry keypad from Garage Door Supply Company is compatible with all Multi-Code garage door opener remotes and receivers. This 300MHz Multi-Code garage door opener keypad means you won't have to use a key or remote to open and close your garage door.

The Multi-Code keypad 4200-01 model has a 10 switch code setting on a 12-button backlit keypad to program your 4-digit pin code access. The sturdy, weather-resistant protective plastic cover is designed to resist tampering. A battery, mounting screws and installation instructions are included.

Product Highlights:

  • MC 4200-01
  • Compatible with all Multi-Code remotes, receivers
  • 10 switch code setting
  • 4-digit pin code access
  • 300MHz
  • Battery included
  • Mounting screws, instructions included

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