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MC 3070-10 Multi-Code Micro-Mini Keychain remote 300MHz

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307010 Multi-Code Micro-Mini Keychain remote 300MHz Works with all Multi-Code receivers and remotes

Part Number: 307010
Multicode 307010
The Linear Multi-Code MC 307010 micro mini keychain remote is a compact 300MHz remote from our budget-priced Multi-Code line at Garage Door Supply Company. This one-button key ring transmitter, with built-in slot to attach to a keychain, is compatible with all Multi-Code garage door and gate operators with 300MHz Multi-Code receivers and remotes. A 12-volt battery is included with this transmitter with red test button. A 10-position coding switch allows the user to program more than 1,000 possible code combinations.

Product Highlights:

  • MC 307010
  • Micro mini keychain garage door opener/gate operator remote control
  • 300MHz
  • Compatible with Multi-Code operators with 300MHz Multi-Code receivers, remotes
  • one-button controls one door or gate
  • 12V battery included
  • Red test/diagnostic button
  • 10-position coding
  • 1,000+ code combination possibilities
  • Dimensions: 2 in. x 1.5 in. x .625 in.