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MC 1090-20 Multi-Code 1 Channel Radio Reciever 300MHz

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1090-20 Multi-Code 1 Channel Radio Reciever 300MHz.Works on any garage door opener or gate operatorReady to use on any 3 terminal operator(order 109207 Wiring Harness for all 2 terminal openers)
Part Number: 109020
Multicode 109020
The Linear Multi-Code MC1090-20 one-channel radio receiver from Garage Door Supply Company is a 300MHz receiver that is compatible with all residential garage door or gate opener models. It's ready to install on any 24-volt three-terminal operator. For two-terminal operators, use a wire harness that's not included with this receiver. An 11-inch wire antenna is included with the Linear MC1090-20 garage door opener receiver. The 10-position coding switch can be programmed with more than 1,200 possible code combinations.

Product Highlights:

  • MC1090-20
  • 300MHz
  • Compatible with most residential garage door/gate operators
  • Includes 11-in. wire reception antenna
  • Ready to install on 24V, three-terminal operator
  • Extra wire harness is needed to install on two-terminal operators
  • 10-position coding switch
  • 1,200+ possible code combinations