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LiftMaster 41A5021-1I Logic Board / Circuit Board Assembly

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LiftMaster 41A5021-1I Logic Board Assembly
Part Number: 41A5021-1I
LiftMaster 41A5021-1I

he LiftMaster 41A5021-1I garage door opener replacement circuit board from Garage Door Supply Company is a replacement logic board for select LiftMaster and Chamberlain garage door operator models. This logic board is for one-light units on boards where the light socket is positioned at the front of the machine. See our LiftMaster garage door opener schematic for your model garage door operator to see how and where a logic boards fits on your model.

The 41A5021-1I replaces these logic board model numbers: 441A5021-1, 41A5021-1B, 41A5021-1C, 41A5021-1D, 41A5021-1E, 41A5021-1F, 41A5021-1G, 41A5021-1H and 41A5021-1I. This replacement LiftMaster logic board is compatible with LiftMaster garage door opener models 985, 1240R, 1245R, 1246R, 1255R and 1256R. It's compatible with Chamberlain garage door opener models CG40, 1200, 2200, 4200, PD100 and PD200.

Product Highlights:

  • 41A5021-1I
  • Replaces logic board models: 441A5021-1, 41A5021-1B, 41A5021-1C,
  • Replaces logic board models: 41A5021-1D, 41A5021-1E, 41A5021-1F, 41A5021-1G, 41A5021-1H, 41A5021-1I
  • Compatible with LiftMaster models: 985, 1240R, 1245R, 1246R, 1255R, 1256R
  • Compatible with Chamberlain models CG40, 1200, 2200, 4200, PD100, PD200

41A5021-1I Liftmaster Logic Board Replacement Logic Board /Circuit board (receiver board) 390MHz

Logic board for one light units only (light socket only on the front of the machine)

Replaces the following Logic BoardsWorks for the Following Models



Does not have a light socket on the end panel

NOT the Same as 41A5021-I

LiftMaster Models

  • 985
  • 1240R
  • 1245R
  • 1246R
  • 1255R
  • 1256R

Chamberlain Models

  • CG40
  • 1200
  • 2200
  • 4200
  • PD100
  • PD200