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Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA Allstar Compatible Remote

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Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA Allstar Compatible Remote
Part Number: NSCD-P220-1KA
Heddolf P220-1KA

The Keystone Heddolf P220-1KA garage door opener remote control transmitter from Garage Door Supply Company is an Allstar-compatible 318 MHz remote that also works with Pulsar and Allister brand garage good operator radio receivers. The P220-1KA Keystone Heddolf remote is compatible with all Allstar, Allister and Pulsar radio receivers with nine trinary code (nine three-position dip switches) dip switches.

This Keystone Heddolf garage door opener remote replaces these remotes: the Allstar 9331T and 9931MT; the GTO RB741, RB742 and RB743; the Firefly 318ALD31K; and the Stinger 318ALD31V.

Product Highlights:

  • P220-1KA
  • 318 MHz
  • Compatible with Allstar, Allister, Pulsar 9 trinary code dip switch receivers
  • Replaces Allstar 9931T, 9931MT remotes
  • Compatible with GTO RB741, RB742, RB743 remotes
  • Replaces Firefly 318ALD31K remote
  • Replaces Stinger 318ALD31V
9 Trinary (3 Position) DIP Switches