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Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener w/ Battery-Smart Package
Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener w/ Battery-Smart Package

Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener w/ Battery-Smart Package

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Part Number: 39934S

Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener w/ Battery-Smart Package | 

Genie 6170H-B Residential Wall Mount Garage Door Opener w/ Battery & Smart Package is a home or small-application DC-powered garage door opener.  The side-mount arrangement  for use with sectional/panel doors, offers benefits as improved space and aesthetic.  Additional numerous practical advantages as reduced noise-level and significantly easier maintenance and install.  Streamlined mechanical process of bar and torsion-spring mean fewer parts and a cleaner, sharper  motion that means less wear.  NorthShore Commercial Door proudly carries Genie’s innovative products.  HomeLink Car-to-Home Automation System (check your subscription’s version for Compatibility).  Better long-term solution with  greater garage space.  Quality option for an upgrade or replacement to most garage door.  Rated for doors up to 850 lbs. Also, ideal choice for retrofitting or situations with limited or obstructed overhead space as old construction, beams and similar needs  


Genie 6170H-B comes with battery backup and Aladdin Connect logic board


A battery back-up is more than a major convenience. In the case of power failures, entry/exit are still critical and the battery backup pack (41152R) will give  you this assurance. Ready-to-go dependency of 12V, 5 aH, SLA battery compartment is a basic install with only two fastening screws.  The Aladdin Connect smart-garage app is standard on the 6170H-B logic module. Quick set-up.  Aladdin Connect has compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant devices. App available on iOS and PlayStore. Open, close door and receive notifications.  Set time alerts for garage from any capable mobile device! Shows usage reports on 20 users.  Set pre-determined open/close times. No monthly subscription fee!


Genie asked homeowners, maintenance and installation professionals in order to troubleshoot ahead of time. They considered all their feedback in crafting an  easy-to-access, highly functional "jackshaft" operator with a compact design and new look.

To meet the needs of an on-demand consumers and marketplace, Genie added Aladdin Connect logic pack  Smart Garage features in this model out-of-the box. Also contains  the 1-page-instructions battery pack install. Get long-term, reliable, rugged  operation of your residential or smaller-application garage door in nearly any conditions.



  • Compatibility
    • 1-in diameter torsion bar (solid or hollow) 14- or 16-gauge tubular steel
    • "jackshaft" type  raise adjusted mechanically for  home and smaller settings  
    • *Not to be used with extremely low headroom, reverse-wound drums or  hook up outside*
    • Max door size: 180 square ft.
    • Door *weight* max: 850 lbs. (installer-balanced weight)
    • Maximum lift height: 84 inches
    • Soft start/stop, torsion bar type  garage door opener is wall mount right or left side
  • Genie 6070 Contains the Following
    • Wall-Mount Operator
      • 24 VDC engineered in a smaller, clean look with workable dimensions
      • Standard 6 ft lead wall-socket cable
      • Worm-gear reduced w/ secondary reduction
    • *Genie 6170H-B contains easy-install 12V, 5 Ah under-mount battery pack. Open, close even in a power outage*
    • Genie GSTB-BX Safety Beam Set 37220R
      • Thru-beam, IR floor or wall-mount Safe-T-Beam
      • Safety beams auto-reverse
      • Critical safety item
      • Comes with mounting brackets and power/logic wire
    • Genie 39902R Wireless Wall Console
      • Wall-mount button contains ring-illuminated main button
      • 10 to 30 second delay-to-close individual jumper button
    • Genie G3T-BX Intellicode 3-button Garage Door Opener Remote
      • Genie's classic three-channel Garage Door Opener Remote
      • Curved design; comes with visor clip and keyring slot
    • GENIE 41149R Garage Door Roller-Track E-Lock
      • Mounts to roller-track
      • Slides into perforation of garage door track when door closes
      • Physically prevents open

o   Bluetooth LED Lamp

      • Automatically illuminates upon open or close
      • First-of-its-kind light can be mounted anywhere 30 feet line-of-site from operator; physically separate remote device
      • Top-nested plug-cord for better look 
  • Other Features, Benefits & More
    • Intellicode 315 to 390 auto-selecting frequency
      • Switches automatically MHz wavelength and avoids interference w/ nearby devices
      • Unused, new data combo packet for each open/close means top notch security
    • 7.5 in/ second up/down speed  on most doors and most applications
    • Patent-pending integrated slack auto-tensioning for lifting cables
    • Manually removable access panel to logic and power modules
    • Manual pull-cord emergency release
    • Maintenance/installer friendly logic panel w/ LEDs, programming-select button w/ individual up-down (open, close) test pushbuttons
    • Module-motherboard combo for use of Aladdin Connect smart-garage app
      • Convenient administration and notification features from any capable mobile device
      • Monitor each  use of your garage door
      • Allows setting of time limits
      • Add or remove users; can accommodate up to 20 members!
      • ***App available in iOS and Android PlayStore no monthly or other service/subscription fee
      • Operator can be adapted to HomeLink