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Garage Door Bottom EPDM
Garage Door Bottom EPDM 'T' Rubber Weather Seal 8-ft.

Garage Door Bottom EPDM "T" Rubber Weather Seal 8-ft.

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Residential Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal - EPDM "T" Rubber 8-ft.
Part Number: T2563-00-W-8
Action Industries T2563-00-W-8

Protect your 7-ft. wide garage door with this 8-ft. T2563-00-W-8 EPDM rubber "T" top garage door bottom weather seal from Garage Door Supply Company. EPDM synthetic rubber is engineered to stand up to extreme temperatures ranging from minus-50 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The 1/4-in. T shape fits over T bottom retainers.

This 8-ft. EPDM rubber T bottom seal is easy to install on any T-retainer garage door bottom. It's a money-saving way to keep out expensive cold and hot drafts, which can drive up your energy bills, as well as dust, pests, rainwater, dirt and other contaminants. The extra foot of weather seal for your 7-ft. door is to account for shrinkage and trimming.

Product Highlights:

  • T2563-00-W-8
  • For 7-ft. garage door widths
  • Withstands -50 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1/4 "T" fits T-style garage door bottom retainers
  • Made of tough EPDM synthetic rubber
  • Blocks drafts, pests, dust, rain, dirt and more
  • Installation instructions included


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