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DT4A Linear 4-Button Delta 3 Remote 310MHz

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DT4A Linear 4-Button Delta 3 Remote 310MHzCompatible with all Linear Delta 3 Recievers.-Operates up to 4 Linear Delta 3 Recievers
Part Number: DT4A
Linear DT4A
The Linear Delta 3 DT4A 4-button garage door opener remote control transmitter from Garage Door Supply Company can control up to four Linear Delta 3 receivers. This wireless Delta 3 310MHz 4-button Linear remote comes with a car visor clip to control your garage door operator or access gate from inside your vehicle.

A 9-volt battery also is included. With eight dip switches, you can choose from 64 code combinations for the model DT4A Linear garage door remote. Use the transmitter with one 4-channel receiver, two 2-channel receivers or four 1-channel receivers.

Product Highlights:

  • DT41
  • 310Mhz
  • 4-button
  • Activate up to 4 Delta 3 garage door openers or gate operators
  • Visor clip, 9V battery included
  • 8 dip switches
  • Use with 1 4-channel receiver, 2 2-channel or 4 1-channel receivers
  • Codes: 64
  • LED test/indicator light