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CLOPAY Garage Door Bottom EPDM Rubber Weather Seal 8-ft.
CLOPAY Garage Door Bottom EPDM Rubber Weather Seal 8-ft.
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CLOPAY Garage Door Bottom EPDM Rubber Weather Seal 8-ft.

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Residential Garage Door Bottom EPDM Rubber Weather Seal by Clopay
Part Number: V2131-BK-W-8
Clopay V2131-BK-W-8

This Clopay CLO-400 garage door weather seal from Garage Door Supply Company is engineered to fit the bottom retainer of a Clopay residential steel garage door that is 7 ft. wide. The proprietary design of this Clopay brand weather seal in an 8-ft. length weatherproofs your garage while sealing out rodents, bugs, dust and other contaminants.

The weather seal, which is 4 in. wide, transforms from a flat piece of weather seal to a bulb shape when the L legs are inserted on your Clopay garage door bottom single-channel retainer after folding the weather seal in half. The 1 1/4-in. wide bulb shape will close gaps between garage door bottom and uneven garage floors. The construction is black EPDM synthetic vinyl, which is engineered to hold up to temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Highlights:

  • V2131-BK-W-8
  • 8 ft. long by 4 in. wide
  • Designed for Clopay residential garage doors in 7 ft. width with single-channel garage door bottom retainers
  • Arrives flat. Fold in half, slide L-shaped legs onto retainer.
  • When installed, becomes bulb-shaped (1 1/4 in.) to create a tight seal
  • Creates a tight seal over uneven garage floors between floor and door bottom
  • Black EPDM synthetic rubber: durable, resists extreme temperatures
  • Extra foot of length accommodates trimming, shrinkage
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Installation Instructions for "Bulb" Shaped Astragal:
  1. Raise door to open position. Place “C” clamps in both tracks directly below the door and tighten.
  2. Remove old weather seal from the bottom of the door section. It may be necessary to remove screws holding weather seal to the retainer.
  3. Make a bulb shape from the flat strip of weather seal by curling the ends together. The top of the bulb will resemble a “T”.
  4. Insert “T” shape into retainer slot. See Fig 3. Slide the weather seal across the length of the door. NOTE: The weather seal will slide through the retainer slot easier if soapy water is applied.
  5. Cut off excess weather seal flush leaving two extra inches from the edge of the door. Tuck extra weather seal into itself to allow for future shrinkage. If any screws were removed, replace now.
Clopay Garage Door Bottom Rubber Weather Seal Installation Instructions