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975LM Laser Parking Assistant
975LM Laser Parking Assistant

975LM Laser Parking Assistant

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975LM Laser Parking Assistant Park in the right spot every time.

Part Number: 975LM
The LiftMaster 975LM Laser Parking Assistant Park from Garage Door Supply Company is a home garage LED laser parking sensor for precision parking. LiftMaster's garage parking sensor is easy to install. The laser automatically turns on and projects a pre-set spot on your car's dashboard. This lets you know if you've pulled in far enough, and lets you know when it's time to stop.

The Class 2 laser is safe to use. This is a garage laser parking solution that's especially welcome in cramped garages and two-car garages. You can use one or two LiftMaster garage car stop lasers with a single garage door opener. The pulsating beam stays on for 90 seconds when an infrared (IR) beam is interrupted. Connect our LiftMaster laser parking accessory to the IR terminals of any LiftMaster garage door opener. A wall and ceiling mount and 7 feet of bell wire are included.

Product Highlights:

  • 957LM
  • Use with any LiftMaster garage door opener with IR beam
  • Class 2 laser
  • Wall, ceiling mount included
  • 7' bell wire included