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86LM LiftMaster Remote Antenna Mounting Kit

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86LM LiftMaster Remote Antenna Mounting Kit

Works with the following receivers:

  • 312HM
  • 412HM
  • 422HM
  • 423LM
  • 850LM
Part Number: 86LM
LiftMaster 86LM

The LiftMaster 86LM remote antenna mounting kit from Garage Door Supply Co. will extend the range of your LiftMaster commercial garage door or gate operator. This mounting kit includes 15 ft. of cable and an L-shaped antenna bracket. (An antenna is not included.) This LiftMaster 86LM coaxial antenna extension kit is compatible with LiftMaster receiver models 312HM, 412HM, 323LM, 422LM, 423LM and 850LM.

Product Highlights:

  • 86LM
  • Extends antenna range of LiftMaster commercial gate/garage door operators
  • Compatible with LiftMaster receiver models: 312HM, 412HM, 323LM, 422LM, 423LM, 850LM
  • Includes 15 ft. cable, L-shaped antenna bracket