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  5. #8 11 Gauge Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Hinge

#8 11 Gauge Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Hinge

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#8 11 Gauge Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Hinge.11 gauge galvanized steel.Shipping weight .88 lbs.Part # GDH-11-8
Part Number: GDH-11-8
No Manufacturer GDH-11-8

Replace a worn or broken hinge on a commercial garage door with our GDH-11-8 #8 replacement door hinge from Garage Door Supply Company. This 11-gauge galvanized steel commercial-grade hinge has several hinge bracket holes for easy installation. To confirm that this is the correct size, check the number stamped on your existing hinge. If you don't see it, our garage door repair pros can help you confirm compatibility.

Product Highlights:

  • GDH-11-8 #8
  • 11-gauge galvanized steel
  • Commercial-grade
  • Multiple hinge bracket holes
  • Check # on existing hinge to confirm correct size
  • LENGTH: 7-3/8 Inches
  • WIDTH: 3 Inches
  • HEIGHT: 3-1/8 Inches