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  6. 423LM Liftmaster 3 Channel Coaxial Receiver (390MHz)

423LM Liftmaster 3 Channel Coaxial Receiver (390MHz)

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423LM Liftmaster 3 Channel Coaxial Receiver (390MHz)Operates up to 3 residential door openers or can be used with open, stop, close functions
Part Number: 423LM
LiftMaster 423LM

The LiftMaster 423LM 3-channel garage door opener receiver from Garage Door Supply Company can operate up to three residential or commercial garage door operators. Or, use this coaxial receiver with three-function (open, close, stop) remote control transmitters for commercial garage door operators. This is a 390MHz receiver with an 8-ft. whip antenna.

LiftMaster's FCC-certified 423LM receiver is easy to program. It's compatible with one-button LiftMaster 81LM remotes, two-button LiftMaster 82LM remotes and three-button LiftMaster 83LM remotes. The 423LM is also compatible with LiftMaster 66LM wireless keypads, and dip switch-style one-button 61LM LiftMaster remotes, two-button LiftMaster 62LM remotes and three-button 63LM LiftMaster remotes.

Product Highlights:

  • 423LM
  • 3-channel receiver
  • 390MHz
  • Operate up to 3 garage door operators
  • Operate with open/stop/close remotes on commercial operators
  • FCC-certified
  • Includes 8-ft. whip antenna
  • Compatible with LiftMaster 81LM 1-button, 82LM 2-button, 83LM 3-button remotes
  • Compatible with LiftMaster 66LM wireless keypads
  • Compatible with LiftMaster dip switch-style 61LM 1-button, 62LM 2-button, 63LM 3-button remotes