1. 39165R Series II Wall Console

39165R Series II Wall Console

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39165R Series II Wall Console
Part Number: OHD-39165R
Genie OHD-39165R
The Genie 39165R Series II garage door opener wall console from Garage Door Supply Company is compatible with all Genie Series II garage door openers. This is a three-function wall console with a backlit panel for easy viewing in the dark. One button controls your garage door opener. Another controls the lights. Genie's trademarked Sure-Lock mode allows you to lock out the garage door opener keypad and/or remotes for times when you need extra security. A Slide-Lock switch will prevent accidental activation of the lock-out function. This wall console's holder has a programming card for easy reference.

Product Highlights:

  • 39165R
  • Compatible with all Genie Series II garage door openers
  • 3-function: opener control, lights control, Sure-Lock mode
  • Sure-Lock locks out opener keypad, remotes for extra security
  • Slide-Lock switch prevents accidental activation of lock-out function
  • Backlit panel
  • Programming card in holder
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x 4.8" x 2.9"
Replaces Old Style