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37337R GLRN-R Genie Closed Confirm Remote w/adapter

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Closed Confirm Remote with Network Adapter. Green light confirms that your garage door closed after you left your home. ONLY WORKS WITH INTELLICODE 2 OPENERS MANUFACTURED AFTER JUNE 2011

Part Number: 37337R
Genie 37337R

The Genie 37337R GLRN-R Closed Confirm garage door opener remote control accessory from Garage Door Supply Company is an innovative device at an inexpensive price to let you know if you closed your garage door before leaving for work or on a trip. The Closed Confirm Genie garage remote has a green light that will flash to confirm that your garage door is closed.

A red light flashes with a warning beep if you have left the driveway with the garage door open. This remote with network garage door remote adaptor is designed for use only with Genie IntelliCode 2 openers made after June 2011. One AAA battery is included. Also shop our low prices on Genie garage door parts.

Product Highlights:

  • 37337R GLRN-R
  • Includes network adaptor
  • Includes 1 AAA battery
  • With green light to indicate garage door is closed
  • With red light + warning beep to indicate garage door was left open
  • Only for use with Genie IntelliCode 2 operators made after June 2011