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36600R.S (34019R) Genie Sequencer/Control Board (Excelerator)

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34019R / 36600R.S Genie Sequencer/Control Board (Excelerator) Original Genie part DC Screw Drive Controller Board For ALL Genie Excelerator Garage Door Openers

Part Number: 36600R
Genie 36600R
The Genie Excelerator 36600R.S sequencer/control board from Garage Door Supply Company is a Genie-made replacement for older Genie model 34019R garage door opener sequencer boards. The 390MHz Genie 36600R.S is compatible with all Genie Excelerator garage door operator models ISD, Pro99, H800 and CMD990 made after August 2009. Enjoy discount prices on all Genie Excelerator parts and accessories for your Genie residential garage door operator.

Product Highlights:

  • 36600R.S
  • Replacement for older Genie 34019R
  • Compatible with post-August 2009 Genie Excelerator ISD, Pro99, H800, CMD990