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25C20 Liftmaster Screw Drive Sprocket Coupler

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25C20 Liftmaster Screw Drive Sprocket Coupler

Fits all Lifmaster / Chamberlain / Craftsman Screw drive openers.

Part Number: 25C20
LiftMaster 25C20

When the coupling that connects to the motor unit in your garage door opener is damaged or wears out, it's easy and inexpensive to replace it with the LiftMaster 25C20 screw drive sprocket coupler. The 25C20 LiftMaster screw drive coupler from Garage Door Supply Company is compatible with several LiftMaster and Chamberlain residential garage door operators manufactured after 1995.

Product Highlights:

  • 25C20
  • Compatible with many post-1995 residential garage door openers
  • Compatible with LiftMaster 100SD, 200SD, 1000DR, 200SDR, 2110, 2220
  • Can replace couplers on Chamberlain 4600, 4620, 4640, 9902, 9950
  • Also compatible with Chamberlain models PD420, PD460-2