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  6. 20386R (31184R) Genie Sequencer Board
20386R (31184R) Genie Sequencer Board
20386R (31184R) Genie Sequencer Board

20386R (31184R) Genie Sequencer Board

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20386R (31184R) Genie Sequencer Board Compatible with ALL Genie IntellicodeTM Screw Drive Garage Door Opener from 1997 to current Replaces Older Genie Garage Door Opener Sequencer Circuit Board 20386R

Part Number: 20386RS
Genie 20386R
Solve one of the more common problems with garage door openers by replacing a faulty circuit board. Our model 20386R (31184R) Genie sequencer circuit board from Garage Door Supply Company is compatible with all Genie Intellicode screw drive garage door openers made since 1997. The Genie logical board model 20386R is the same as the Genie Sequencer board 31184R. These are original Genie-manufactured replacement parts, so you won't have to worry about whether you're getting a part that won't fit your Genie garage door operator. The Genie 20386R, or Genie 31184R, is compatible with opener models PRO95, CM8600, CM7600 and IS550. It's also compatible with garage door opener models Series II and ISL950A.

Product Highlights:

  • 20386R
  • 31184R
  • Model 20386R is identical to 31184R
  • Replace Intellicode screw drive openers from 1977-current
  • Compatible with PRO95, CM8600, CM7600
  • Compatible with IS550, Series II, ISL9501
  • Original Genie-manufactured replacement part