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16' Storm Shield Kit - 16' Garage Door Threshold + Adhesive Caulk SS016-16-X

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Storm Shield Kit, 16' Piece, 10.3oz Adhesive Caulk Tube SS016-16-X Garage Door Weather Seal
Part Number: 757461016162
North Shore Residential Door SS016-16-X

This SS016-16-X garage door threshold storm shield kit from Garage Door Supply Company will help you protect your garage from pests, drafts, dusts and more. This storm shield weather seal kit includes 16 ft. of weather seal and one 6-ounce tube of adhesive caulk to create a tight shield between the bottom of your garage door and your garage floor.

The threshold seal won't crack or shatter when cars driver over the seal. This threshold seal meets California Fire Marshal and CPAI-84 flame resistance standards. The seal remains flexible from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Highlights:

  • SS016-16-X
  • 16 ft. threshold seal + 6-oz. tube of adhesive caulk
  • Includes instructions
  • Seals out drafts, pests, dirt, dust and contaminants
  • Won't crack or break when cars drive over threshold seal
  • Meets California Fire Marshal, CPAI-84 flame resistance requirements
  • Flexible from -40 degrees F to 150 degrees F

Installation Instructions for Garage Door Threshold Weather Seal Kit:

  1. With the garage door open, center the threshold between the garage door track (the channel the door rollers ride in). Trim to length with a utility knife. (The “hump” side should be on the inside side of the door.)
  2. Lower the garage door on top of the threshold’s 2-inch level strip. Push the 45º hump against the back of the bottom of the garage door.
  3. NOTE: Notch threshold around door jambs, if necessary, to ensure the 45º hump is against the back of the bottom of the garage door.
  4. With the pencil, mark the inside edges of the threshold on the floor the full length of the threshold (from one door jamb to the other).
  5. Carefully raise the door (without moving the threshold) and mark the outside edge of the threshold the length of the door.
  6. Remove the threshold and apply three rows of adhesive the full length of the door between the pencil lines.
  7. Replace the threshold between the pencil lines and firmly press into place. Carefully apply pressure to the threshold to ensure the adhesive spreads uniformly.
  8. Inspect the threshold to make sure it is still between the pencil lines. The position can slightly be adjusted for a short period of time. The length of time varies depending on ambient conditions.
  9. Close the garage door to keep constant pressure on the threshold for twenty-four (24) hours. ALLOW AT LEAST 24 HOURS FOR ADHESIVE TO DRY BEFORE DRIVING OVER.