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110995 Allstar Quickcode Remote 318MHz

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110995 Allstar Quickcode Remote 318MHz Allstar's new replacement remote for ALLSTAR, ALLISTER, and PULSAR 318 Frequency

Part Number: 110995
Genie 110995

The Allstar Quickcode110995 garage door opener remote control transmitter from Garage Door Supply Company operates on a 318MHz radio frequency. This three-button Allstar 110995 remote, also known as model 190-110995, is compatible with all 318MHz Allstar remotes. Each button can be programmed with one of more than 19,000 possible code combinations to open and close up to three garage door operators. This transmitter includes a visor clip to operate from inside a vehicle, a battery and programming guide.

Product Highlights:

  • 110995
  • Also known as 190-1100995
  • 318MHz
  • Includes visor clip, battery, instructions
  • Compatible with all 318MHz Allstar remotes
  • Compatible with Allister remote models: 8833, 822, 8822, 921, 9921
  • Can replace these Pulsar models: 9931TK, 8822TK, 8832TK, 9931MI, 8833OCS
  • Compatible with GTO models RB741, RB742, RB743, RB744
  • Can replace Keystone Heddolf models P2191, P2192, P2201, P2203
  • Size: 3.25 in. x 1.25 in. x .625 in