Wayne Dalton

How do I know Which Wayne Dalton Remote to Order?
Wayne Dalton remotes come in two frequencies.  303MHz and 372MHz. Check the information below to find the model # of your garage door opener to determine which frequency of remote you need.
 Older Wayne Dalton remotes (prior to 1994) were made by LiftMaster
If the model on the back of the remote is something like 81WD or 61WD then Click Here to go the the LiftMaster Page to order remotes.
Click Here for 303MHz Models
Classic Drive Models:  3012, 3016, 3512
Quantum Models: 3212, 3213, 3412
Remote Models: 02-3047-1, 02-3047-3
Click Here for 372MHz Models
Classic Drive Models: 3014, 3018, 3514
Quantum Models: 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414
ProDrive Models: 3220C, 3221C, 3224C, 3320B, 3322B, 3324B
DoorMaster Models: All Models
i-drive Models: All Models

Click on the link below for the frequency you need